Best Lowrance Fish Finder GPS Brands of 2022: All You Need To Know

Lowrance is the very reason all of us fish fanatics can huddle and talk fish finders. They not just invented the device, but they have monopolized the SONAR devices market for over 60 years. In this post, we explore the crème de la crème, that is, the best Lowrance fish finders.  

Each brief links to a more detailed review of the product. If you have your heart set on Lowrance units, read on to find your perfect fit.


Innovation (5/5)

Innovation 5/5

Lowrance doesn’t shy away from latest technologies like touchscreen, StructureScan HD, SideScan and DownScan, Broadband radar and customized maps.

Their High Definition Systems (HDS) line of fish finders packs additional advanced features like Sonic Hub Audio, NAIS Collision Avoidance system etc.. 

It also uses the Navico OS which created a huge buzz in the market. Their TotalScan transducer can handle CHIRP, Side, and Down Imaging, all together with a single connection to a compatible device. 

Price (4/5)

Price-point 4/5

Lowrance is a pro at including a ton of features into their small, affordable models. Their budget fish finders are near-unbeatable in their value for money, though Garmin fish finder has been trying hard to beat them.

But their longest-standing rivals have been the Humminbird. Though the latter takes more risks in product innovation, they don’t have many budget units.

In the higher-end fish finder segment, the Lowrance HDS line is in cutthroat competition with Humminbird. It also helps that Lowrance can trade technology with the premium Simrad units and include pricey features in their fish finders at a lower price.

Durability and Customer Service (5/5)

Reviews 5/5

The fish finder portals like TheHullTruth are abound with Lowrance vs. Humminbird debates. But the popular vote toggles based on the merits of individual fish finders being compared.

Lowrance does back up its product with excellent durability and customer service. Moreover, there are a number of discussion threads with expert advice to help with Lowrance products.

What's Newest Lowrance Fish Finder Series?

  • Lowrance HOOK2 Series Fish Finder
  • Lowrance HDS Live Series Fish Finder
  • Lowrance HDS Carbon Series Fish Finder
  • Lowrance Elite TI Series Fish Finder
  • Lowrance HDS Gen3 Series Fish Finder

Lowrance Fish Finder Comparison Chart



Product Name

Sonar Frequency

Editor's Rating


 Lowrance 000-11657-001 Elite-5X CHIRP with 83/200+455/800 Transducer

DownScan Imaging™:

455/800 kHz 


50/83/200 kHz CHIRP

(Mid, Low and High)



 Lowrance 000-12636-001 Hook-3X DSI Sonar, W/455/800 XDCR

DownScan Imaging™:

455/800 kHz


50/83/200 kHz CHIRP

(Mid, Low and High)



 Lowrance 000-11808-001 Elite-4 Fishfinder/Chartplotter with US Basemap, 83/200KHz CHIRP and 455/800KHz DownScan Transducer


83/200 kHz CHIRP

(Med and High)



 Lowrance 000-12640-001 Hook-4X Sonar W/Mid/Hi XDCR


83/200 kHz CHIRP

(Med and High)



Lowrance Elite 7 TI TotalScan F​ish Finder


83/200 kHz CHIRP

(Mid and High)

Broadband, DownScan & StructureScan


Other Lowrance Fish Finder Reviews

Lowrance 000-11808-001 Elite-4 Fishfinder/Chartplotter with US Basemap, 83/200KHz CHIRP and 455/800KHz DownScan Transducer

The Lowrance Elite-4 CHIRP fish finder adds the CHIRP functionality to the already acclaimed Elite-4. With CHIRP, you have the advantage of more energy entering the water column and in turn, getting a clearer visual of the underwater landscape.

Do not let the small and portable size of this Lowrance fishfinder fool you. It packs a full-blown GPS antenna with US Basemaps for navigation too. The extendable memory gives you more leeway to upgrade the navigation features. 

It also packs DownScan which creates realistic images of the structure underneath and help you distinctly identify the items below the boat.

With Elite-4 you can simultaneously use CHIRP and DownScan to exploit the strengths of both: spot single fishes and distinguish fish schools from weed clumps.

It is a high-quality unit which exhibits accuracy in both SONAR and GPS in spite of the size. It is a solid device with well thought-out functionality and a reasonable price tag.

Lowrance 000-11657-001 Elite-5X CHIRP with 83/200+455/800 Transducer

If you simply want to revel in the fish finding abilities of a unit, the Elite 5X is the best Lowrance fish finder for the price. Armed with dual-frequency CHIRP and DownScan, it provides fast, expansive and detailed scans of the water column.

One transducer of this pack can produce the 4 frequency bands for all these scans. The Mid and High CHIRP produce brilliant SONAR images with fan-shaped beams that capture single fishes clearly. The Downscan offers the structural details to clearly identify schools of fishes.

Be ready to completely ditch the navigation features with the Elite 5X CHIRP fishfinder though.

You cannot save waypoints. On the other hand, you get a larger screen compared to the usual fish finder-only units with a well-organized set of buttons.

The SONAR recording feature is also another added advantage over the units with similar specifications. The easy operability and Lowrance seal of durability land it in this list.

Lowrance 000-12636-001 Hook-3X DSI Sonar, W/455/800 XDCR

The Lowrance Hook 3X DSI fish finder is another one of their niche offerings with only DownScan SONAR to scan the structure. As always, Lowrance takes this one function and blows all competition out of the water.

If you are a leisure angler looking for lifelike underwater images instead of the vague multicolor images of 2D SONAR, this unit is for you.

The powerful DSI Skimmer transducer with this fish finder is adept at scanning and relaying structures with maximum details. It provides you a pick of multiple frequencies to get wide range or more detailing, depending on the frequency setting.

The Hook 3X is a small and portable unit. The screen is aided by a close group of buttons to keep all the actions minimal clicks away. There are no extras like GPS, SONAR history or mapping. The good news is, it brings the price down considerably. This is a budget piece for anglers with very specific requirements.

Lowrance 000-12640-001 Hook-4X Sonar W/Mid/Hi XDCR

If you need something more generic that the Hook 3X, you have the Lowrance Hook 4X fish finder. This is CHIRP unit with the ability to transform the expectations from traditional SONAR.

The dual-frequency scan generates pretty detailed and clear images. The bundle number 12641 comes with a transducer that’s capable of DownScan imaging as well. The unit is equipped to do a structure scan so a transducer switch alone can expand its specs.

The display of this Lowrence fish finder is larger than the Hook 3X. But it still remains portable. And you can operate it with a single hand while you hold the fishing rod with the other. We barely noticed the lack of GPS and navigation capabilities.

Do note that you would need a separate device for these functions, including marking waypoints. This is a powerful unit for the weekend angler who doesn’t get too far from the shore for her/his catch.


1. Difference between Lowrance HDI and DSI units?

The basic difference in that the Hybrid Dual Imaging (HDI) units have both 2D traditional SONAR and DownScan Imaging. You can also overlay the two. While DownScan Imaging (DSI) units support only DownScan Imaging. They do not offer traditional 2D SONAR at all.

2. Difference between Lowrance HDS and HDI units?

While the HDS and HDI units have the same sonar capabilities, the HDS has a faster processor and more networking options. HDS has more settings for tuning the SONAR according to your preferences and is better for pelagic fishing.