Lowrance HDS Gen3 Series Fish Finder Review

If you love fishing, you do it for fun, and it's your hobby, then being an angler you must find the right and easy ways to fish in your favorite water bodies. You also go to unknown areas where you haven't been before, and the fishes there do not know you, but just like other times you need your fish finder to help trap the underwater animals. You may have used different fish-finding devices, but the one from Lowrance is one of the best devices you will find on the market. Also, this is the fish finder that you will find in the satchel of many angling enthusiasts. It will make fishing not just easy, but fun too. You will get the thrill of fishing using this device, as Lowrance HDS-Nine Generation Three will help you detect the area where you should cast your fishing line.

If you decide to have a fish finder device, it will be expensive, but you will find it worth the investment. You will get the best facilities, and you won't have to go home empty-handed without a catch.

If you are looking for a fish finder device, then you should go for Lowrance HDS-Nine Generation Three, made by the Lowrance brand. The product is a bit costly, but you will find the best features of a fish finding device, and other facilities are added. The device is made with CHIRP technology, the company Lowrance has produced a fish finding device that will help you find the big catches even in the ocean.

Lowrance HDS-Nine Generation Three Highlights

Display feature of the Lowrance Gen Three Fish Finder

The Lowrance HDS-Nine Generation Three is equipped with a nine-inch display screen. This has a touchscreen facility and operational buttons for the times when you are not touching the device screen. The display has a backlight feature that will allow you to fish in the dark.

In addition, the display ratio is 16.9, and you will get fish icons other than arches. You will get the multi-window facility in the HDS version, and for this, you can check different data and the sonar technology on the same screen.

Transducer and Sonar technology

The main purpose of purchasing a fish finding device is to use the transducer and the sonar technology, without these the product is useless. The Gen three Lowrance fish finder is equipped with a frequency that ranges from eighty-three to eight hundred kHz. In addition, the StructureScan feature works on greater kHz. Lowrance works on the transducer made by TotalScan, but you can buy this without the sensor. The TotalScan sensor is water and weatherproof, which works fine in cold weather, and you can see the reading even in a foggy climate.

Maps and GPS of the device

The Lowrance HDS-Nine Generation Three is equipped with a ten Hz internal sensor. The device has almost all the maps of the USA Rivers, lakes, and coastal areas. You can view the maps in both 2D and 3D formats.

You will get a new feature named StructureScan with this fish-finding device. It allows you to store the logs and you can use this with the maps to have a better knowledge about the water body around you. With the help of insight genesis, you can build your own maps, and create several route points, and you can share this information with the GoFree app users.

Internet connection of the device

Lastly, you will get a wireless internet connection feature with Lowrance HDS-Nine Generation Three. Using this you can download software and new maps. You can use the GoFree app to store and share data online on the device. In addition, you will get two MicroSD card sections, here you can save lots of maps.

Other highlights

  • You can buy a portable stand, but this is optional, and you can use it for fishing from the shore
  • You can review the sonar technology using the TrackBack facility
  • The device has an adapter cable to offer video input
  • Lowrance uses the SmartSteer facility
  • You will get multiple language support
  • You will get a mounting bracket for faster release.

Review of the Lowrance HDS-Nine Generation Three

The quality of the device

The Lowrance HDS-Nine Generation Three is equipped with a durable and perfect display function. The waterproof rating is IPXSeven, this suggests that the device will work perfectly for thirty minutes in a one-meter deep water level. However, we do not suggest you do that, as this is a digital device, and it cannot swim like a fish.

The sensor and the sonar technology are very efficient, as we have tested them, these sections of the device are perfectly functional and versatile as well. We have tested it in the freezing weather, and it works very well without any glitches in the function. Also, the backlight feature makes it a perfect fish finder for a nighttime fishing trip. Lowrance uses a TotalScan sensor which offers better features.

The device's quality is flawless and it's evident from the settings review:

Performance of the fish finding device from Lowrance

The performance of this fish finding device is very effective, as it excels at processing more information. The signaling function is very advanced as it decreases the adjustment work, and allows you to concentrate on the fish. The Lowrance HDS-Nine Generation Three works fine on shallow salt water and the depth you can fish at is seven hundred and fifty feet. The best thing is, you can see the bottom of most shallow water bodies.

In addition, you will get a Bluetooth feature with this device, and this is another reason we like Lowrance gen 3. This will allow you to connect the fish finding device with your mobile, so you can operate it easily. Other than this, if your boat has a portable stand, you can fit the device on it, and you can catch fish from the shore.

Mapping quality of the device

Lowrance fish finder gets the best function from its mapping technology. The device is already equipped with a high-quality GPS sensor. Moreover, this technology can be upgraded with the mobile apps o add to your chart of new areas in the world. The GPS allows you to check out the five thousand route points with two hundred ways on all of their devices and you will get an SD card to add more routes.

The GPS works finely with different maps like the one from Navionics and with the C-MAX plus. You can download and add other maps on the device, but the negative point here is, that you have to buy all of the maps, and it can be very expensive.

Lowrance HDS-Nine Generation Three Positives and Negatives


  • You will get a limited one-year warranty when you purchase the device
  • You can create customized maps on the device
  • You will get the GoFree app to avail internet connection
  • You can easily remove it with the bracket
  • Has a trendy design
  • Has better durability


  • You have to buy all upgrades to the device
  • It's a bit costly

Comparison of the devices

Different products available in the market

The Lowrance HDS-Nine Generation Three is the upgraded version of generation two. It may not be the perfect fish-finding device, but with its high-quality features, you will find it to be the best in the market. The HDS-Nine has its place under the most expensive version HDS-Sixteen and twelve, but you must know that this is the best fish finder when you are fishing inland and in freshwater.

Other Fish Finding Device Manufacturers

You must know that the competition is very hard in marine technology, and just for this competition drove the fish finding device manufacturers to create advanced fish finding devices. Two fish finding devices developed by Garmin give competition to the HDS-Nine version of Lowrance, but the Garmin devices aren't that good looking but they are very efficient in functions.

The fish finding device from Garmin has an extremely sensitive GPS sensor, and this is developed by one of the best GPS technology in the world. The device has Sonar made of CHIRP technology, with a design that makes it look durable and stylish. Although the device does not come with a touch screen facility, you will get it at an affordable rate.

The Echo version Fish-finder of Garmin has a 3.5-inch display screen and a sensor, and the transducer is equipped with a high-quality scanning feature that makes detecting fish simpler than before. The device isn't that big, but it offers perfect fish detection and it can reach the range of one thousand seven hundred and fifty feet in the water. Also, the price is affordable.

Final Takeaway

The bigger versions of Lowrance fish finding devices are HDS-Sixteen and HDS-Twelve, these devices are perfect for fishing in the ocean. But the Lowrance HDS-Nine Generation Three provides a better combination of depth focus and excellent features which makes fishing in the coastal areas and the inland more suitable, and the device isn't that expensive. Moreover, if you want to fish inland only, the device will be costly, so for that, you can opt for the HDS-Seven.

We at Fishing Tech gleefully give Lowrance HDS-Nine Generation Three an A+ rating, and we suggest this device to avid fishers and advanced anglers, who mostly go fishing every day.