Navionics VS LakeMaster: Which Mapping Cards are Perfect

Navionics and LakeMaster are Sonar unit GPS cards and these are two very well-known mapping card brands available in the market. These cards are mainly used for fishing trips in Canada and the United States, as these places are filled with lots of large rivers, lakes, regions, and states.

In this article, let's compare the features, with the positives and negatives of LakeMaster and Navionics mapping cards.

Compatibilities of the GPS mapping cards

Both LakeMaster and Navionics have different compatibilities. If you look at the LakeMaster, it's compatible with the units of Hummingbird, and this is because of some agreements between the organizations. Hummingbird is also the best unit out there, so the LakeMaster GPS mapping card will work with it efficiently.

In addition, Navionics is compatible with various sonar unit brands, which is best for fishers who do not use Hummingbird units. The GPS mapping cards of Navionics are compatible with Humminbird, Raymarine, Simrad, and Lowrance.

LakeMaster Vs Navionics: The efficiency of mapping 

The quality of both GPS mapping cards is top-notch. But personally, my choice is LakeMaster, but others may choose Navionics, as the choice is based on personal preferences. While choosing the efficiency of mapping, I would say they both have the same efficiency.

In addition, you can customize the map, as you will get an option for lines from one to ten feet, and anything that comes in the middle.

You can highlight different depths to make them more visible. If you want to check things underwater that are within five feet depth, you can highlight the five feet or less than in one shade such as blue, and this way you can easily check the map of the location.

LakeMaster Sonar Charts and Navionics are equipped with the best quality hydrogenic feature, and you will never make a mistake if you are using the right unit with it.

Coverage of LakeMaster Vs Navionics

Navionics and LakeMaster are almost similar when you want to know about the coverage. Most famous locations and water bodies will show that both mapping cards are efficient when it comes to coverage, but when you are fishing on the small path like lakes may not offer detailed corners and high-definition displays like the popular lakes, and the changes can be very frequent with the corners with every ten feet of water.

However, this is not a problem with fishers who fishes in the smaller water bodies, because they can take their boats around and search for areas to apply sonar and identify with them with the route points. For example, if you take the areas of Minnesota and Wisconsin, you will find that smaller lakes are equipped with the best maps, and low-quality coverage is only for the unknown and remote lakes, where you cannot take your boat. But you can use SD maps from LakeMaster and Navionics here without any issue.

Mark the depth range

You can easily customize the map, as you will get an option for lines from one to ten feet, and anything that comes in the middle. If you want to check things underwater that are within five feet depth, you can highlight the five feet or less than in one shade such as blue, and this way you can easily check the map of the location.

Mark the shallow water

As detailed before, both mapping cards have a feature to highlight the depths in the shallow water, and you can do it for different ranges. You will find these options to be very helpful when you are looking for structures and areas underwater. This feature is also very advantageous because it can detect the shallow areas where sandbars and reefs are located. It can save your boat from damage and the lower section of the motor as well.

Balancing the water level

Both Navionics GPS mapping cards and LakeMaster cards have the water level balancing feature. This is the feature I don't generally go for, but others can use it in the ponds, and reservoirs, mainly where water is at a high fluctuation state.

Satellite maps feature: LakeMaster Vs Navionics

The mapping chips of LakeMaster and Navionics cards are equipped with satellite map features. These features are only available with the Plus cards of LakeMaster and the platinum version of Navionics.

You will get some additional highlights with these advanced cards that aren't available with the standard ones. Also, they are expensive so the additional feature cost is small for the users.

Get the updates for maps

You have to consider the updates on the two GPS mapping cards. You will not get any updates on LakeMaster, but Navionics offer yearly updates on the maps.

If you think updates are crucial, you can go with Navionics. But if your choices are similar to mine, as I like to fish in the inland lakes for years, and I prefer the Humminbird device, then having Navionics will only be an extra cost in your fishing budget.

Plotting of chart: Navionics Card Vs LakeMaster

You will get a chart plotting feature for both Navionics and LakeMaster. You already know that some lakes and water body regions don't have maps, so with Navionics and LakeMaster, you can create your chart for the favorite water bodies in your area, and for the places that have no card to help you. This suggests that any water body can have accurate and high-quality charts, and these are not the ones that are provided by the popular brands, it will help you look for the small fishing locations and the design that others couldn't find. It will be like your own favorite fishing area.

Cost: Advanced Vs the Basic Version

The cost of the two brands is almost similar, but LakeMaster is more affordable than Navionics, and you also have to remember that you can use Navionics with various fish-finding devices, but LakeMaster is only compatible with Humminbird.

The cost difference is only ten to thirty dollars between Navionics standard cards and the Plus version of LakeMaster. In addition, the platinum version of Navionics is pricey, if you buy a regional map; it can cost you more than three hundred dollars. However, you can choose the off-shore locations as there are a good amount of lakes, and it may be the perfect option for you.

If you are looking for a fish finder device to use the map charts, you have to consider the price of the platinum cards of Navionics and compare it with the plus chips of LakeMaster.

Navionics Lake Chart Packages

If you are looking for Navionics chart packages, then you have to check which region you are situated, in or the place you want to go fishing. Based on that, you can buy the device.

Chart Packages for LakeMaster

Is Humminbird compatible with Navionics?

The cards of Navionics will work with the Humminbird unit easily. This is one of the best things that make Navionics popular as a GPS mapping Card Company. This brand is compatible with other companies too.

Even though you don't have a fish-finding device, you can use the primary version of Navionics. You can get access to the app of Navionics, and you can buy it for ten dollars from the App store. The app will give you a perfect map of the water bodies. Although I use LakeMaster cards on my fish-finding device, I also have the Navionics app installed on my phone. This is because if a map of LakeMaster is faulty, I can get accurate details from the app from Navionics.

Is Your Lowrance Unit compatible with LakeMaster Cards?

Unfortunately, the SD cards from LakeMaster will not work with the Lowrance unit. LakeMaster is only compatible with the Humminbird unit and its other versions like a helix and many more. This is because Johnson Outdoors is the company for both products.

This is also the point you have to consider when you are looking for an upgraded fish-finding unit. Some fishers like Humminbird and others like to stick to Lowrance. For me, I'm a fan of Humminbird, so LakeMaster cards are compatible with the device. But other fishers may look for different options.

Bottom Line

Both Navionics GPS cards and lakeMaster chips offer perfect HD map direction to the fishers and provide better depth mapping too. You can use both cards for the fish-finding device you are using, but there is a compatibility section you have to check first. When you have a perfect map of the lake or river, your fishing job will be done in a short time, and efficiently. You can easily find new areas, and learn more about the water body. Sonar units are also becoming helpful for ice fishing, as new units are getting developed, and this will also help you fish in the hard waters, especially in the winter season.