6 Best Walleye Fishing Destinations In The United States

Fishing is an exciting sport that is beloved all over the world. There's something special about the first time you hook a fish that gives you a rush and will leave you returning. One of the most optimal things about fishing is its versatility. There are numerous different locations to fish in each state, and there are plenty of different kinds of fish and seafood that you can catch. Walleye fishing is an increasingly popular fish to catch as you can find them in many places, and they are incredibly delicious. Today we will talk about the best spots in America where you will surely catch some out-of-this-world walleye. We will also talk about gorgeous lodges on each lake if you plan to stay for a few days. Let's get right into it!

Lake Francis Case, South Dakota

Buffalo Bute Ranch

Right in the heart of all the midwest states lies Lake Francis Case in South Dakota. Not only is it the best fishing spot in South Dakota, but some believe it is one of the most incredible places to go fishing in the entire country! The best time to go fishing here for walleye is in the spring, but summer is also optimal. People have been known to catch walleye that can reach up to 38 inches at Lake Francis Case! Another fantastic thing about this lake is that there is no closed walleye season, so you can catch this tasty fish all year round.

If this sounds appealing, just wait; there's more! Not only is this a great fishing location, but there is an incredible ranch about 15 minutes away called Buffalo Butte Ranch that caters specifically to fishers. They offer accommodation and multiple night fishing trips that include food, beverages, transportation, and more. If you are searching for the ultimate fishing vacation, you must check out the Buffalo Butte Ranch. This is truly an angler's dream trip.

Mille Lacs Lake, Minnesota

The Red Door Resort

Right next to South Dakota, we have Minnesota, the hub for fishing. Since Minnesota is ranked one of the best states to fish in, then you know there are some breathtaking lakes around. However, the best lake to fish at is the famous Mille Lac Lake. Many fishers travel from near and far to fish for walleye in this lake as the catching rates of walleye are incredibly high.

Regarding accommodation, The Red Door Resort is the way to go. They have guides available to help you and give you tips on catching the biggest walleye possible. Additionally, they rent out houses in the winter so people can go ice fishing! The Red Door Resort is a must if you plan a fishing trip to Minnesota.

Dale Hollow Lake, Tennessee

Willow Grove Resort And Marina

Now we're heading south to Tennessee to check out Dale Hollow Lake. When most people think about fishing in Dale Hollow Lake, they think of bass fishing, but this lake offers so much more. Dale Hollow Lake is known for having the largest walleye population, and people rave about how many more opportunities they have to catch a big walleye at Dale Hollow Lake.

Willow Grove Resort And Marina is the best option as far as accommodation by Dale Hollow Lake. They have an excellent fishing guide program, boat rentals, and gorgeous cabins that can house up to 21 people on the water. If you are trying to catch the biggest and best walleye, this is the place for you!

Lake Of The Woods, Minnesota

Border View Lodge

Here we have another one in Minnesota because it is an optimal fishing destination! Lake Of The Woods has been referred to as the "fishing capital of the world" because it is truly an excellent place to catch massive walleye. This lake is vast as it covers 1700 miles and occupies 14,500 islands. This is the dream fishing location for any angler.

With such great fishing, you need a spectacular place to stay on your trip, and Border View Lodge is that place. They offer charter fishing excursions specifically for walleye, along with beautiful cabins and duplexes available for rent. They also have fishing sleeping houses for those who enjoy ice fishing, so they can step outside and cast a line. You really couldn't ask for anymore because Border View Lodge provides it all.

Saginaw Bay, Michigan

West Coast Sportfishing

Michigan has plenty of nice fishing spots, but none like Saginaw Bay. Summertime at Saginaw Bay is bliss for all the fishers who get out on this abundant lake. You can catch numerous good-sized walleye fish that will provide a delicious meal for you and your family. Plus, it is vast, so you can be secluded and relax while you fish at this grand lake.

Unfortunately, there aren't any fishing accommodations around Saginaw Bay, but there is West Coast Sportfishing. West Coast Sportfishing is an establishment where you can hire a fishing guide to assist you with the most desirable results from your fishing adventure. You are sure to get some great tips and tricks from the professional and knowledgeable guides so that you can catch numerous large fish to bring back home at the end of the day.

Lake Winnebago, Wisconsin

Schwarzy's ReelTime Fishing Guide Service

Wisconsin is another midwest state with some great places to fish. Lake Winnebago is the home of the walleye because you can always find them here. This lake isn't too deep, with a maximum depth of 21 feet, which is good because it isn't the clearest lake in the world. Nevertheless, this lake is a great option when trying to catch large walleye in Wisconsin.

Again, there aren't many fishing lodges around here, but there is an excellent guide you can rely on to take you to the best spots on Lake Winnebago. Captain Scott Schwarzy at Schwarzy's ReelTime Fishing Guide Service is an ex-coast guard specializing in walleye fishing! If anyone can help you catch excellent walleyes, it's this man.

Final Thoughts

There you have it! Six of our favorite walleye fishing spots in the United States. These fishing spots are excellent options for a fishing-filled vacation for walleye and various other fish species. Regardless of which location you visit, you are sure to catch some voluptuous and delicious fish that you will be proud to bring home to your family.

We hope you enjoyed this article and found it entertaining and informative. Leave a comment in the section underneath if you have other excellent walleye fishing spots you would like to share! Also, if you are out fishing and need some assistance, you should look at our guide for the best finders!