About Us


Hello, My Fellow Anglers!

My name is Alex D. Allen, and I’m a professional fishfinder researcher and fishing enthusiast. You’re probably on my website in search of a fishing device that can help make your experience a lot easier and more productive; or perhaps, just trying to glean information to get a wider understanding of what fish finders are and how they can benefit you. Whatever your purpose may be, you’ve come to the right place.

Fishing is among the world’s most entertaining, challenging, yet highly-rewarding hobbies (or means of livelihood). As an angler myself, I’m well aware that even the most seasoned anglers aren’t immune to bad fishing days. I’ve poured out a great deal of my time into this endeavor without a single trophy to show for it.

I know of a bunch of people who have made a living out of fishing. When I first began my hobby, I wanted to know how these professionals were able to reel in the most catch and do it so often.  Thus, I reached out to them and asked what I could do to catch more fish. There was one answer that stood out—you must have the right tool.

My Mission

I started this website in pursuit of providing comprehensive, high-quality reading materials about the various fishfinder brands being sold on the market today, steering professional and novice anglers alike toward a more fun and productive fishing experience. I provide not only fish finder guides but also unbiased product reviews, helping people weigh their options well and, ultimately, get the one that best suits their needs.

Provide Accurate Buying Guides about Fish Finder Products

I understand how frustrating it is to end up buying a device that doesn’t really do any help. Believe me, I’ve been there. Whether you are eager to try out fishing on an unfamiliar body of water or looking to get a reliable fish finder gadget that can accompany you on your open-water adventure, being equipped with the proper knowhow will definitely give you an upper hand. I aim to provide comprehensive buying guides about various fish finder products on the market and help anglers out there make the most out of every fishing experience.

Provide Unbiased Reviews

After conducting in-depth research, I have prepared dozens of impartial reviews, complete with details and assessments about the design and prime functionalities of what I believe are the most qualified products in their respective price points and categories.

I strive to exceed your expectations. I want every fishing enthusiast out there to enjoy the same fruitful experience as I have over the years; thus, I want to ensure my reviews are always authentic. I’m always open to suggestions, so if there’s anything that you would like me to add, please feel free to drop a line.


Alex D. Allen

Founder, Fishfinderbrand.com