Which Fish Finder is Best: Black & White Screens or Color Displays?

Want to know which fish finder is right for you? You've come to the right place. Before we dive in deeper, we'll come right out with - color fish finders are best!

What is it though that makes color displays better? Plus, is color really needed to set a fish finder above them all? Read on to find out more.

What Makes Color Displays Best?

The role of a fish finder is one that's easy: Transmit sonar signals through water, translate signals that are returned, and present the readings. The readings are what help those using it determine what type of fish they find and where they're located. And these are very important details indeed!

The amount of information detected is crucial here since it allows fishers to gather what they need quickly to make their next move. While patience is required to make the catch, so is being able to move with speed.

Contemporary, high-definition color displays provide millions of color options. When it comes to black and white screens, however, the choice isn't as vast. In fact, they don't extend beyond shades of gray, of which there are just 256 in total.

It's not easy, nor common, to tell between the different shades of gray. If you can then black and white screens could be suitable for use. But the majority won't be able to see with a clear vision which can then disrupt the ability to determine what bottom they're fishing from, for example.

Does Color Really Matter?

The quick answer here is no. Resolution is really what makes the cut, even though color can be helpful. If information density is the pie, then resolution is the cherry on top!

With resolution, you're able to find the number of pixels that your screen can show. When you have a higher amount of pixels, more information is at hand. Let's put it this way: Just one dot would appear with a single pixel. With each pixel, you're gaining more information that you can add to your arsenal. In addition, a better resolution makes the images clearer and easier to interpret.

Should You Ever Purchase A Black and White Fish Finder?

Absolutely! One big plus that comes with black and white displays is that they're a lot cheaper. In fact, black and white portable ones can be found for less than $100. If you're running tight with a budget, then black and white fish finders could be right for you!

If you're dead-set on a top-of-the-range model, then black and white won't be the way to go. In the lower price ranged models, choosing to go with color won't set your budget that much higher. That's why we still advise that color displays are best.

It's Time to Fish

Use this as your guide to choosing between black and white screens or color displays. Want to know where to find the top fish finders about? Click here and you'll see what we recommend are the top fish finders about! You'll have no trouble finding one that's right for you.